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Brigade Docs

Topic Guides

This section of the documentation dives deep into individual parts of Brigade. We’ll look at Brigade’s architecture, explore the three main roles of interaction with Brigade, go over Brigade’s scripting API and much more. This is probably where you’ll want to spend most of your time; if you work your way through these guides you should come out knowing pretty much everything there is to know about Brigade.

If you don’t see a topic guide here and have a reasonable level of knowledge on the subject, why not write one up?

Table of Contents

  • Architecture
  • Operators
    • Overview: An overview of the Operator role in Brigade
    • Deployment: How to deploy and manage Brigade
    • Securing Brigade: Securing Brigade via TLS, Ingress and Third-Party Auth
    • Storage: Storage options and configuration for Brigade
    • Gateways: Using and developing Brigade gateways
  • Administrators
  • Project Developers
    • Overview: An overview of the Project Developer role in Brigade
    • Projects: Creating and managing Brigade Projects
    • Events: Understanding and handling Brigade Events
    • Using Secrets: Using secrets in Brigade Projects
    • Using the Brigade CLI: Using the brig CLI to interact with Brigade
    • Brigterm: Using the Brigterm visualization utility
  • Scripting
  • Contributing to Brigade Development
  • Examples