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Brigade Docs

brig term

Brigade offers a text-based user interface (TUI) for visualizing the activity in a Brigade system. This can be a convenient utility for viewing all projects and monitoring their events, as well as digging down into worker and job logs for an event.

How to use

To start, log in to the Brigade server that you wish to explore:

$ brig login --server

Then, simply invoke the following:

$ brig term

The visualizer will expand to encompass the entire terminal window and you should be greeted with a project listing on the main page.

Sample views

Here is a sample view of the main project overview page:

Project Overview

From this view, you can navigate to a given project to see its full details and event listing using the arrow keys. Press the Enter key to select the project you wish to view. Here we have selected the first-job project:

Project view

To view details for a specific event, select the ID you wish to explore. Here we select the one event available to us:

Event view

Worker logs for the event can be seen by typing the L key:

Worker logs

You can also select any job to view its full details. Here we navigate to the details for the my-first-job job:

Job view

Finally, job logs can be seen by typing the L key:

Job logs

We hope this visualizer proves useful for tracking activity in a Brigade instance. We’re excited to hear about your experiences with it!